Find below a list of websites and resources related to agro-ecology and food sovereignty. There is no particular order in this list, to which I keep adding without judging contents.

International network for Community Supported Agriculture.

International organization supporting grassroots movements in food sovereignty.

European Food Sovereignty Movement.

Article in The Guardian on CSAs.

In Dutch; Farmers of the Future; on CSAs, permaculture.

In French; Association for the Support of Peasant Agriculture; on CSAs.

Centre for Agroecology, Water Resources and Resilience at Coventry University.

European Association for Agroecology as science, practice and social movement.

In French; Living Soil Vegetable Gardening; network of researchers-farmers.

In Dutch; from field into forest; organization advocating agroecology, agroforestry, permaculture.

Dutch-Flemish permaculture school.

Support of rural communities (worldwide) to build healthy farming and food systems from the ground up.

Carnet Ouvert de Recherche sur l’Agroecologie, in French, by 4 PhD students